Refuge for you and your children


A refuge is a house for you and your children, or just you, to live in. Refuges are not hostels, just ordinary houses shared and run by women and children who are all victims of domestic abuse. Trained workers are on hand to offer support, although they do not live in the house. A refuge provides a safe place to stay.


What is the IDVA service?

We are Independent Domestic Advice Advisor's (IDVA's) who can provide crisis support and information for victims in high risk cases of domestic abuse. We offer support to people who are experiencing domestic abuse with priority given to their own personal safety and that of their children. We are a professional and confidential service which operates independently from the Police and Criminal Justice system, despite the fact that we do work closely with them. We act as advocates on your behalf exploring your legal options and/or providing you with support through the court process. We can liaise with other agencies such as The Crown Prosecution Service, the Police and Solicitors with you, or on your behalf. We encourage and support you, enabling your voice to be heard by agencies and other relevant organisations. We provide advice and information about the different options that are available to you in order to improve your personal safety, and the safety of your children.

What can i expect?

Once we have received a referral we will contact you as soon as possible in order to obtain more information and to discuss your support needs. We can provide information on your legal rights and the different options concerning the legal process, and we will explain the effectiveness of both criminal and civil remedies. We can help you to develop your own personal safety plan and an action plan based on your particular circumstance. Our aim is to be a single point of contact, liaising with other agencies on your behalf and attending meetings or court with you. We can help you stay in your own home if you wish to by ensuring it is safe and secure. We do this by exploring the options of having extra security measures in your home e.g alarms and door barriers.

How can i be referred?

You can referrer yourself by calling: 01766 831 131 Or email:

RHIENI IFANC NI Project Ages 14-25 and Living in Gwynedd

The purpose of the project is to support young parents that will be using the service through the brand new project which is funded by the lottery. The project, "Rhieni Ifanc Ni" is in parnership between GISDA, SNAP and De Gwynedd Domestic Abuse Services. Support workers will be supporting familys working with young parents to develop physical skills and personal development to ensure they're not under any stress because of their situation.

One Stop Shop

The one Stop Shop provides a holistic service for individuals experiencing Domestic Abuse. The location is in the town of Dolgellau. Drop in sessions are held three times a week.

Floating Support

Our aim is to encourage & support men, women & children who have suffered domestic abuse to take control of their own lives, and to determine their own future based on real, informed choices.

The floating support worker gives additional support to provide the necessary
support towards independent living.

Some of the things you might need support with might be.

The services gives specialized support to assist persons to maintain their tenancy successfully, and to establish independent living in the community.